X-BIONIC LAKE GARDA 42 – Second edition 2023 - LAKE GARDA 42

X-BIONIC LAKE GARDA 42 – Second edition 2023

The second edition of the X-BIONIC LAKE GARDA 42 took place on the weekend from 24 to 26 March 2023 and attracted 2,700 enthusiasts from 62 countries to the northern shores of this stunning lake, incredible numbers that even outdid the previous year’s amazing turnout.

First over the line in the LAKE GARDA 42, after 42,195 kilometres from Limone sul Garda to Malcesine, was the British Jackie Stretton, who ran a solo race in a time of 2:53:52. 2:31:20 She was followed by the Italian Eleonora Gardelli, 5:39 behind, and the German Juliane Rößler, who finished the race in 3:01:51.

The men’s podium is all Italian. The race was won by Enrico Bartolotti, who broke the tape in 2:31:20; completing the podium line-up was Matteo Vecchietti, coming in 2:20 behind the winner, and Lorenzo Baroncelli, in a time of 2:44:02.

For the second year in a row, female runners confirmed their fondness for the half marathon, making up 49% of the LG21 participants.

The X-BIONIC LAKE GARDA 42 half marathon set off from Arco di Trento, concluded in Malcesine along with its big sister and, incredibly, had an almost equal participation from both women and men.

The first woman over the line was the German Philine Meister, in a time of 1:22:58, 5:36 behind was the Croatian Dragana Schröder, and 6:60 behind was the Italian Fatima Zahra Rakhssane.

In the men’s race, victory went to the Austrian Christoph Sander, in a time of 1:11:40; completing the podium line-up was the Italian Enrico Cozzini (1:13:11) and the Spanish Asier Gutiérrez García (1:14:16).

Lots of fun was also had in the LG KIDS, a race of just over a kilometre dedicated to children up to 12 years old that took place on Saturday 25th March at the Rocca di Riva del Garda. More than 50 young runners competed in the race.

The statistics continue to underpin the growing prominence of the X-BIONIC LAKE GARDA 42, in particular the high proportion of foreigners runners, with 66% of participants coming from abroad. As many as 62 nationalities were represented, with runners arriving from 50 countries across all continents.

Specifically, the countries with the greatest number of participants were Germany and UK. However, also numerous athletes from the USA and Israel came halfway across the globe to enjoy the breathtaking charm of Limone sul Garda, Garda Trentino and Malcesine from a “runner’s-eye view”.

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Fact sheet

Start: Sunday, 26/03/2023 @Lakeside, Limone
Distance: 42,2 km from Limone to Malcesine
Results: Here you can view the results

Fact sheet

Start: Sunday, 26/03/2023 @Arco
Distance: 21,1 km from Arco to Malcesine
Results: Here you can view the results

Fact sheet

Start: Saturday, 25/03/2023 @Riva del Garda
Distance: 1,3 km Kids Run Riva del Garda
Results: Here you can view the results